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Submarine features

Submarine combines the powerful meshing capabilities of Harpoon with solvers such as OpenFOAM and Fluent, to produce a single, extremely simple environment for meshing, solving and visualising the most complex CFD problems.

Boundary Conditions

Submarine allows the setup of boundary conditions with extreme ease. They are exported with the mesh in the appropriate format for the given solver.


Cases may be submitted in serial or parallel. Settings for turbulence models and solver schemes can also be easily changed.


Submarine allows the user to interactively monitor the solution by rendering pressure or velocity on the surface mesh and in the volume by use of clip planes. Mutiple clip planes may be used along with any variable.




When the solution is complete, the user can create interactive iso-surfaces of a variable and colour by another variable.


As with Iso-surfaces, fully interactive streamlines can also be created after the solution has finished.

Vortex Cores

Submarine allows the creation of vortex cores using vorticity or the Eigen vector method.



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